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    Welcome to Push up Contest .com!

    In here YOU will compete with your strength and stamina with your friends, co-workers or anyone!

    You can easily create your own Contest and invite the people you want to compete with.
    Why not invite everybody at your work for a 30 day long Pushup contest to show once and for all who's the real employer of the month?  You set the rules, prizes, handle invites and information.

    If you already got an invite to a Contest go ahead and register at once to start your journey!

    Be prepared to do pushups anytime, everywhere!


    CHOOSE YOUR new best friend


    Sorry - we have not updated the apps for a while.
    The site still works for reporting your awesomeness.



    With the application to iPhone or Android you can easily track your current Contest
    and also add your Workout from anywhere. A must have!


    Brilliant! This site tricked me to do 300 pushups the first day. Now I cant stop!

    I invited my whole company, and we ended up working out instead of working.

    YOU will be surprised of the amount of tactics needed to outsmart your contesters

    I think i refreshed the toplist 100 times a day in the app to verify that noone else had taken the lead

    ... your quote here!
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